About Alps

The heart of the European programme is the trail through the Turtmann valley, located in the stunning and remote Mont-Blanc area of the Swiss Alps. You’ll go off-season (May, June, September and October). During the day, a local mountain guide will accompany you as you traverse beautiful alpine passes at a height of two or three thousand metres. Overnight, you’ll sleep in a mountain hut or bivouac.

Upcoming Alps programmes


Location Date Facilitator More info
Alps, Europe 16 May - 20 May 2018 Derk Egeler Facilitator View programme
Alps, Europe 18 Sep - 22 Sep 2019 Sandra Schotsman facilitator View programme
Alps, Europe 3 Oct - 7 Oct 2018 Charlotte Karin facilitators View programme
Alps, Europe 10 Oct - 14 Oct 2018 Jasper folmer View programme
Alps, Europe 12 Jun - 16 Jun 2019 Jasper folmer View programme