About this programme

What is your Natural Leadership potential? 

Have you ever spent a significant length of time truly alone, with just Nature for company? Are you yearning to get away from it all and connect with Nature to regain your sense of perspective, clarity and Self?

Are you ready to make a powerful change to your life and to your organisation? Are you ready to deepen your understanding of your Natural Leadership potential?

As a follow-on from our trails we also offer the Vision Quest: a Unique Wilderness Leadership Transformation programme which entails you ‘going solo’ in Nature for four days and nights. The programme is open to members of our community who have previously completed an FNL trail.

Join a wilderness programme and become a natural leader

Our wilderness programmes are devoted to developing Natural Leadership skills. Their power lies in the huge impact on all who participate. Join up and you’ll be given a unique opportunity to return to your essence, to tune into what Nature offers, and to come back enriched and empowered. You’ll be connected to the present moment on a professional and personal level. And you’ll have what is needed to become a natural leader and to fulfil your ambitions and those of your organisation.

Building Blocks of the programme

  • Intake
  • Foundation workshop
  • Wilderness Leadership Transformation Quest
  • Integration workshop
  • Coaching session

Impact of the programme

  • Leading your future Self: awareness of the road you have travelled and a (new) perspective for the future
  • Leading others: a higher level of consciousness to create sustainable connections with others 
  • Leading organisations: insights into how leading your Self can help you manage your professional environment, plus insights into your organisation’s soul and what is trying to emerge from within

Good to know

  • Length of the programme: four months
  • A preparatory session will be organized for the whole group three or four weeks before departure.
  • The group will spend two days preparing together at basecamp. Participants then spend four days and nights solo at a particular spot in Nature. This is followed by two more days together with the group again at basecamp. Further information: http://geertgraveland.com/?page_id=217
  • Number of participants per programme: six – eight leaders from businesses, institutions and public organisations
  • Investment: EUR 2,500 ex. VAT and trip to the basecamp
Date 04/11/17 - 12/11/17
Group Mixed
Location Portugal
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