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A trail in the Central Apennine, with high mountains, large beech forests, steep valleys. An astonishing variety of habitats and wildlife. Just two hours drive from Rome this is the land of bears, wolves, golden eagles and the endemic Apennine chamois. Charismatic and famous inhabitant of the mountains forest, the Marsican brown bear survive with few individuals – the last 50 - in that area. Led by a local guide, walking through the beech woods, highlands and valleys, we will observe wildlife in their natural habitat. This rich flora and varied fauna makes the mountains of Abruzzo a very special place, which can really steal a visitor's heart. 


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Italy, Europe 22 Apr - 26 Apr 2020 Laura Ozinga facilitator View programme
Italy, Europe 20 May - 24 May 2020 Jasper Folmer Facilitator View programme
Italy, Europe 3 Jun - 7 Jun 2020 Sandra Cor facilitators View programme
Italy, Europe 21 Oct - 25 Oct 2020 Dick Veerman facilitator View programme
Italy, Europe 2 Sep - 6 Sep 2020 Esther Koning facilitator.jpg View programme
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