About this programme

What is your Natural Leadership potential? 

Are you ready to make a powerful change to your life and to your organisation? Are you ready to deepen your understanding of your Natural Leadership potential and grow your sense of connectedness with your environment?  Would you like to develop on different levels (personal, private, professional and public)?   Then we offer you the opportunity to participate in our unique Wilderness Leadership Transformation program.

Join a wilderness programme and become a natural leader

Our wilderness programmes are devoted to developing Natural Leadership skills. Their power lies in the huge impact on all who participate. Join up and you’ll be given a unique opportunity to return to your essence, to tune into what Nature offers, and to come back enriched and empowered. You’ll be connected to the present moment on a professional and personal level.  And you’ll have what is needed to become a natural leader and to fulfil your ambitions and those of your organisation.

 Building Blocks of the programme

  • Intake
  • Foundation workshop
  • Wilderness Leadership Transformation Trail
  • Integration workshop
  • Coaching session

Impact of the programme

  • Leading your future Self: awareness of the road you have travelled and a (new) perspective for the future
  • Leading others: a higher level of consciousness to create sustainable connections with others 
  • Leading organisations: insights into how leading your Self can help manage your professional environment

Good to know

  • Length of the programme: four months
  • Number of participants per programme: six – eight  leaders from businesses, institutions and public organisations
  • Investment: EUR 2,500 ex. VAT
  • Participants become part of our community, which has over 1500 members
Date 20/05/20 - 24/05/20
Group Mixed
Location Italy, Europe
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“The trail was a very impressive learning experience. Not only nature, but also Bé’s guidance helped me getting a clear perspective. With her friendly, open and careful coaching, Bé is able tp start introspection both on ratio and gutfeel level. Don’t underestimate her endurance and persistence, she really taught me a lot. All in all, in Bé I met a very pleasant person with an open mind to the world and its people. Thank you Bé!
Tabe Aardema, Senior Consultant, Philips Innovation Services

“During beautiful trips in the Swiss Turtmanntal I got to know Bé. Bé listens, asks, listens and asks on. At the same time, she makes the connection with nature and ensures that we enjoy the environment around us. Whether in the Alps, South Kennemerland or in the Amsterdamse Bos. This combination of movement, thinking and enjoying brings valuable new insights” Jorg Janssen, managing director Lygature

“Present Perfect!; In a beautiful scenery of the Swiss Alps, back to basic and share to life stories at the Campfire among fellow participants with a diversified background but a common purpose to complete the trail as a team; Ultimate way to rediscover your intuition, feelings and re- balance the importance of life; it is great fun, beautiful scenery, with highly experienced facilitators.” Aldwin Boers

““The trail was a truly unforgettable experience. It offered the opportunity to reflect, in many perspectives, on whatever you believe is important whilst enjoying the incredible beauty of nature. Jasper is a very pleasant facilitator. With his relaxed, accommodating and friendly approach you always feel at ease.”
Toon Greven, manager ING

“The trail under the guidance of Jasper had a huge impact on me, the natural beauty was impressive and the group dynamics and personal attention that Jasper had as a facilitator for me and group gave me new energy and the insights I needed.” Charlotte van Stigt Thans



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