Wilderness Quest Veluwe

Start dateJuly 9, 2024
End dateJuly 11, 2024

A unique program in a Dutch nature reserve, for those who want to experience in an accessible way that the wilderness is just a stone’s throw away. Estate Welna has almost 600 hectares of forests, heaths, and grasslands. Here you can walk undisturbed for hours. The nature of estate Welna is very impressive. Every year, the Gelderse Milieufederatie conducts research into the darkest places in the Netherlands. Welna is currently in sixth place. It is so dark at night that during a cloudless, moonless night, 2,900 stars are visible. In the area, two wolf packs are active. You can also find the Dutch ‘big four’: red deer, wild boars, mouflons, and roe deer.

This Natural Leadership Program on the Veluwe is a 3-day journey of discovery, including a Solo Quest. Awareness of what has shaped you, where you stand in your life, and what drives you. But also awareness that your mind, your feelings, and your heart are inseparably connected.

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Participants come from various organizations, including businesses, government, and the non-profit sector. Each program consists of a mix of 8-10 executives, senior professionals, and entrepreneurs and consists of the following components:

  • Intake
  • Leadership Quest in the Wilderniss
  • Coaching session
  • Membership in our community of more than 2500 member

quest differs from a trail because it also includes a solo component during the journey, a period of 12 hours where you are entirely on your own.

It is an intensive 3-day program with a personal intake interview beforehand and a debriefing session afterward. Away from the familiar and the daily routine, we simplify and slow down: three days without watches, phones, and computers.

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Start dateJuly 9, 2024
Costs€ 1.295 excl. 21% VAT and transport costs

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