Ellen von Koczian – Norway

Ellen has gained rock-solid confidence through the trail to Norway how little she needs. And how good rest does her.

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Armand Bloem – Umfolozi, South Africa

Armand was looking for a personal development program that would make a lasting impact. He also felt a desire to connect more with nature.

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Ben Poelman – Turtmanntal, Swiss Alps

For Ben, turning in his phone and watch led him to experience timelessness. More clarity emerged about what he needed to do.

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John Boon – Rwanda

John did not expect in advance that the trail to Rwanda would have such a positive impact, something that would normally take three or four years.

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Kim Potters – Turtmanntal, Swiss Alps

For Kim, the Alpentrail was a fantastic experience. Afterwards, things in her life changed for the better. For her, the program is in her ‘top 5 experiences’.

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Marie-José van Hoof – Umfolozi, South Africa

Nature in Umfulozi felt overwhelming and at the same time peaceful to Marie-José. She realized there that it must have always been like this.

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