Aletta Renken – Abruzzo, Italy

What I took with me on the trail was the intention to work on three ‘voices’ within me; cynicism, fear, and judgment. However, as the trail progressed, I realized it…

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Jasper Bertels – Abruzzo, Italy

“As a little boy, I already had a fondness for nature and I especially liked to be by the sea. I can often be found there, in nature. And, I…

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Astrid de Reuver – Abruzzo, Italy

Astrid set out on her journey with the question, “How can I have the most impact as a human being, but do so in balance with my most important role…

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Marieke Fieten – Abruzzo, Italy

For Marieke, the trail has been a super impressive experience. In a way, it has brought her a lot of peace, both professionally and in her private life.

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Victor Groothengel – Botswana

During the trail, Victor learned to feel and connect with himself again. An overriding sense emerged that everything takes place in the “now,” not tomorrow.

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Marlies Friederich – Macizo de Ayllón, Spain

Marlies wanted to explore how she herself could experience more space, and give more space to others as well. The positive effects of the trail are still noticeable for Marlies.

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