Movie Night Thursday 24 November

We are starting a new tradition: an annual movie night with a film that appeals to all of us. 

Going Circular
A film that provides insight and inspiration to find a solution to the many problems we as humanity have created regarding the earth. This film is from the makers of “My Octopus teacher” and is an Academy award winning documentary co-produced by Robert-Jan van Ogtrop. 

Some of the reviews:

“‘Going Circular’ showcases a story that challenges us to reform our deepest ideas about what it really means to thrive as a species on Planet Earth by moving toward a circular future.”
The New York Times (2021)

“Anyone interested in the idea or who wants a primer on the concept. Additionally, it’s a source of hope. A circular economy is possible and the work of Lovelock, Benyus, Huang, and Fullerton make that known”.
Thursday Matinee (2022)

The program is organized in partnership with the Circular Economy. We will have the opportunity to exchange views with them afterwards, hear how and where the Circular Economy concept is applicable and what you can do with it in your own environment. 

17:30 Walk-in
18:00 Soup and snack 
19:00 Start film 
20:00 End of film and drinks & discussion
21:00 Going home 

Costs and registration
Cost for paying FNL members (for soup/roll/drink) € 19.50. Sign up here!
Cost for non-paying members and others (for soup/roll/drink) € 24.95. Sign up here!

The Broekerhuis, under the smoke of Amsterdam in picturesque Broek and Waterland. 
Leeteinde 16, 1151 AK
Broek and waterland 

Free parking: on entering the village after 100m left on the Nieuwland

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