Facilitator Meeting June 11, 2024

FNL Facilitatorbijeenkomst 11 juni

Nature is the source of inspiration and a mirror on our trails and programs. We have all experienced this on trails and possibly at other times in our lives. But let’s not underestimate the role of the facilitator: from being a practical source of answers to facilitating a safe environment where everyone can share.

Therefore, we organize a facilitator day three times a year to continuously inspire, connect, and educate our facilitators.

This time, Martin Stam, a facilitator and member of the facilitator committee, led a workshop on Relational Presence and we engaged in a dialogue about the qualities of an FNL facilitator.

The value of these meetings was demonstrated by facilitators Martje Fraaije and Pim Willems, who attended and then directly traveled with their trail group to the Swiss Alps a few hours later 😊

Groepsfoto FNL facilitatorsbijeenkomst 11 juni 2024

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