FNL Solo Quest

Date13 & 14 April 2024
Starttime09.30 hours

Experience a Solo Quest on 13 & 14 April 2024

Take a step back from your daily routines during a Solo Quest in the Netherlands on April 13th and 14th.

Busyness, rush and lots to do paired with little time. A familiar picture for many. We often ask a lot from ourselves: we want to do our work well, spend enough time with family and friends, contribute to the world, and additional to that, be healthy, fit, and happy. In the midst of all of this, we sometimes forget who we are and what truly brings us joy, it becomes a challenge to stay connected with our inner selves. In times like this, it can be liberating to break free from the daily patterns we find ourselves in, slow down, and consciously pay attention to what we are experiencing.

The Solo Quest creates space and time for that, with nature as its source of inspiration used as a powerful mirror. Therefore, in collaboration with The Nature Collective, we are excited to announce an FNL Solo Quest on April 13 & 14. This Solo Quest can also be used as a follow-up to a previous trail to, for instance, refresh your trail experience or deepen and anchor the insights gained.

An ancient ritual

The fundamental idea behind the Solo Quest is ancient (and has been used as, for example,  a rite of passage in many cultures and religions): connecting yourself with a higher consciousness and using nature as your “teacher.” During a Solo Quest, you can expect spending several hours by yourself in nature, practicing the art of self-trust, self-discovery, and “being with what is.” This almost always results in peace, acceptance, and fresh insights.


During the 2-day FNL Solo Quest, you will at least spend 20 hours by yourself in nature. Following a preparation with the group, you will find a spot in nature where you will spend your time, without a phone or watch, within a self-made circle with a diameter of roughly 2.5 meters. We will provide you with a tarp for rain and wind protection. To stay comfortable at night, you will need to pack a good sleeping bag and sleeping mat to keep yourself warm.


Day 1 (Saturday)

09:30 Reception
10:00 Start Program and in-depth campfire conversation
12:00 Practical preparation and lunch
13:00 Start Solo Quest

Day 2 (Sunday)

13:00 Return from the Solo Quest
14:00 Tea and fruit, sharing experiences around the campfire
15:30 Late lunch and closing
17:00 Departure home


The experienced team from The Nature Collective, in collaboration with a trained FNL facilitator, will provide guidance during the trail.


The cost for this two-day FNL Solo Quest is 495 euros (including VAT if paying privately/ excluding VAT if paying through a (personal) company).

Sign up via this link:

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Note: The FNL Solo Quest will take place with a minimum of 8 participants. Further practical information about the FNL Solo Quest will be provided after the group has formed.

Date, location and costs

Date13 & 14 April 2024
DaySaturday & Sunday
Start09.30 hours
Costs€ 495,- incl. VAT if paying privately / excl. VAT if paying through a company

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