Wilderness Quest Germany (full)

Start date28 April 2024
End date3 May 2024

Together with the Dutch Banking Association (NVB), FNL organizes an annual trail especially for the financial sector. In 2024, this Wilderness Quest will take place in the Pfälzerwald in Germany.

The Pfälzerwald is the largest contiguous forest area in Germany and, together with the Vosges Mountains in France, is an important biosphere reserve throughout Europe. In the seemingly endless beech and mixed forests of the low mountain range, you can hike for days without passing through human settlements. Red deer, wild cats and lynx, among others, feel at home in the deep forests. Again and again the forest is interrupted by sandstone rocks, castle ruins and small hills, which allow for fantastic views.

This Natural Leadership Program in Germany is a journey of discovery. Awareness of what has shaped you, where you are in your life and what drives you. But also awareness that your head, your feelings and your heart are inextricably linked.

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Because this trail is organized specifically for the banking sector together with the NVB, the group consists of participants who work in the financial sector. The program consists of maximum 9 participants and is intended for senior professionals and managers. The program includes the following components:

  • Intake
  • Foundation workshop
  • Leadership Quest in the Wilderniss
  • Integration workshop
  • Coaching session
  • Membership in our community of more than 2500 member

A quest differs from a trail in that it includes a solo component during the journey, a period in which you are completely on your own.

The program of about four months takes place mostly outdoors in the pristine nature of the Pfälzerwald. Far away from the known and from the daily routine we simplify and slow down: six days without watches, phones and computers.

Date and costs

Start date28 April 2024
Costs€ 3.150 ex. 21% VAT and transport costs

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