Create your Vision 2022

After your trail(s), do you have a desire to deepen your intentions regarding your work and actually give shape to them? At the end of March 2022 the new FNL program ‘Create your Vision’ will start, at the beautiful nature reserve Kootwijkerzand.
In this program we focus on the right side of the U (deepening and shaping your intention(s) from a deeply anchored vision). During 3 days, spread over a period of 9 weeks, you will deepen and shape your vision at a beautiful location in nature. Stimulating questions and assignments, also weekly through the app, combined with solo time in nature, will help you sharpen your vision and turn your intentions into action. In this creative process we give you a model and a number of techniques (based on Voice Dialogue principles) that you can also use in future projects. Because of the delay, nature, the connection with yourself and the exchanges with others, you will come to surprising and deeply rooted insights and, with some courage and encouragement, concrete steps towards change. You go through the whole process with like-minded people: everyone has been on a trail through the FNL, which means that there is a common ‘language’.
A group of seven enthusiastic facilitators participated in the pilot last year, each with their own focus. Some experiences:
Remco van Zanten:
“Ideal follow-up to the trail! From ‘being’ via ‘knowing’ to ‘doing’. Supported by an inspiring framework you learn to act from your own compass, energy and passion. Great gift!”

Edmond Ofner:
“Create your Vision is exactly the right title: you have something in your head, but you don’t know exactly how you want to shape it. Sometimes something old gets in the way, sometimes something new, something you don’t dare to do. This course is exactly what it’s about, it challenges you, guides you on unknown paths, and appeals to an enormous power in yourself. And then get to work with all the inspiration this course has to offer!”

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