Reboot your Life enthusiastic participants & new dates

Young Professionals between the ages of 25-35. In one day offline they get their next step or goal clear. We set up Reboot with the desire to attract a younger target group and let them experience the ideas of FNL.

In 2021, 44 participants participated in five workshops through their employer or through open registration. In a beautiful spot in nature, we introduced them to the Dialogue Walk and the Solo Walk, among other things.

Reactions of the participants

  • “Made an important step in my process”
  • “I was able to be myself and get a clear idea of where I want to go”
  • “I have learned to listen better without getting caught up in the story”
  • “Helps to be more mindful of yourself”
  • “Moments of awareness and valuable reflection”
  • “(about a day offline) “Such a relief, very crazy too”

During the coaching session after 2 weeks, almost all participants reported having taken one or more concrete steps in their professional and/or private lives. They felt better in their own skin, got more done, were less on their phone, dared to name their emotions, had less stress and more fun in their work.

Great for us as facilitators to experience, especially at a time when an increasing number of younger workers are not enjoying going to work and are experiencing stress or burnout symptoms.

Are you interested in participating for your company, for one of your clients or for someone you know? Reboot your Life is now also part of a Young Professional program. And a coach has had one of her clients participate as an addition to the ongoing coaching program.

We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of using Reboot.

We have the next open enrollment scheduled on February 9.

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