Trail experiene Alewijn Brouwer

In June I spent, with nine travel companions, in the Norwegian wilderness. On a trail of the Foundation for Natural Leadership, guided by Kasper Pruijsen, Arjan Bleeker and Thoralf Rumswinkel. Culminating in a 36-hour solo, with no food or distractions, under or beside my tent canvas, with only my thoughts. What an amazing. adventure. Truly a once in a lifetime experience.

The peace, the rhythm, and the distance from everything ensures that you can really be busy with what you have come for. In my case, that was to find out how what I take with me from my past can give me strength for the future. This was a fitting moment after seven years of RBV Leaf Cloetta and fourteen years of Unilever and over 12.5 years after my diagnosis of T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Especially about that last period, how it shaped and marked me, my life and my career, I have thought a lot.

It marked the end of my ‘beaten path’. My world suddenly stood still. After a long and intense time, I learned to discover new paths. This has made my world much bigger, bigger than it was before my illness, but made me more insecure and self-critical. Doing new things is great fun and quite exciting. I now have a much sharper view of that positive and negative side. So also what I have to offer. In one of the final exercises I received the assignment to ‘Own your power’. That is what I am going to do more of from now on.

I couldn’t wish for a better start to the coming period, being self-employed. So thanks again Arjan and Kasper. And without the rest of the fantastic group this would not have been possible. What a warmth and connection. And also without the home front, Juliette, not. Thank you all!

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