Natural Leadership

Susan Goldsworthy, professor at IMD Lausanne, in dialogue with father and son , Boy and Niek van Droffelaar, about “napping known” and awakening by Nature. She is special guest in this episode of ‘Leaders into the Wild”.

Susan Goldsworthy, professor at IMD, Olympic finalist, award-winning writer, and executive coach, is our guest in this episode of ‘Leaders into the Wild’. Together they have an inspiring dialogue about the innate connection of humans with nature, which has gone into a ‘napping known’. Yet we can awaken, for instance by immersing into Nature. Shifting our mindset from ‘ego’ to ‘eco’. Susan’s words make us emphatically aware of the relevance and urgency of limiting our external growth as a species while refocusing on our inner development, both individually and collectively, thus lifting the veil to pathways of hope. Additionally, Susan unveils her latest program “Natural Leadership for Awareness Based Action” in partnership with the Foundation for Natural Leadership. Also read her latest book: Where the Wild Things Were, written for both children and adults to entertain and educate about our planetary situation.

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