Winter City Gathering January 27th

Theme Listening and Connecting

Listening is a skill we all have. But what do we do with it?

On the trail we use the ancient ritual of the talking stick to really listen to each other. We use that to enrich our own story and gain even more insight.

de Roos Amsterdam

At this Winter Gathering we will go back to the basics of the U-theory trail; listening. Otto Scharmer talks about 4 levels of listening so that we can connect with others.

In these times of fragmentation and polarization, connection is perhaps the greatest asset we can give to our environment. Listening without judgment and authenticity are the basis for this.

Guest speaker

To hear more about this, we invited Princess Laurentien van Oranje to exchange ideas with us and hear how you can use listening to really connect again.

With her foundation Number 5, she calls for dialogue and real cooperation and puts that into practice on various important social issues:

“Collaboration only works based on a shared image of reality. And by bringing together different perspectives at the source and unraveling together what the real problem is. This prevents blind spots. Number 5 is therefore a free thinking space for equal and non-binding dialogue. We bring expected and unexpected players together. We help them to arrive at a shared theory of change and to design a sustainable chain approach.”

Of course we also walk through the Vondelpark to listen to everything that is happening around us and afterwards there is a lunch to talk and listen to each other.

The Winter Gathering is free for members, €10 for non-paying members.

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