A voice from the wilderness in the Amsterdamse Bos

Why are stories of wild dog, rhino, elephant, the Kalahari and Bushmen trackers so relevant in the jungles of modern cities?

Because they encourage a sense of wonder and curiosity … the gateway to realizing that the miracles of nature are in front of us at all times. How trees orientate toward the sunlight. How plants grow abundantly if left alone to nature’s beautiful chaos. The sweetness of blossom-filled morning air indicates a change of season. Microscopic fungal networks distributing webs of nutrients. Moles providing airflow and mulching for the soil in diligent partnership. Woodpeckers feeding above.

Patterns of inter-connection, diversity and renewal are evident in Amsterdam. Nature doing its thing right under our noses. Perhaps once we slow, and listen, we can notice this incredible vibrancy for what it is. A wonder. For once this occurs we reconnect ourselves with it, and recognise our fundamental dependance on these very patterns.

Thank you to Alan McSmith for guiding us on this journey!

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