Vacancy: New Chairperson for the FNL

There is a time to come and a time to go.

Recently, we had a meeting of the board with the Supervisory Board of the FNL. Among other things, we discussed how we can bring fresh perspectives to the FNL.

That conversation planted a seed in me. Not long after, I realized that in terms of bringing fresh perspectives, I should start with myself and make room for a new chairperson. Moreover, this is an opportune moment for new leadership in terms of the development of the FNL.

With new energy, the FNL can continue to grow organically from a solid foundation. It’s a fantastic challenge!

You’re not rid of me yet… I will, of course, only step down once the new chairperson is appointed.

I look forward to seeing you at the Circle Gathering June 22, where I can tell you more about the chairmanship.

With natural regards,


On behalf of the Supervisory Board of the FNL, we would first like to thank Wiet for his excellent role as chairperson of the FNL over the past years, during which he has introduced some important changes and new ideas and further professionalized the FNL.

We have agreed with Wiet and the board that we will look for a new chairperson with the same passion for the FNL that all our previous chairpersons have shown. We also find it important to find someone who still has an active daily job in the corporate or financial world or in the service sector, but preferably not someone who works as a coach, to avoid potential conflicts of interest with the activities of the FNL.

We look forward to welcoming this new chairperson soon and thank Wiet once again for his passionate and valuable contribution to the FNL.

Kind regards,


Position Description for the Vacancy of Chairperson of the Board at the Foundation for Natural Leadership

For the FNL, we are looking for a new chairperson for our Board. It is important that you:

  • Stand behind the vision and mission of the FNL to contribute to sustainable leadership, both sociologically and ecologically, and to developing awareness and unlocking natural leadership: “Nature as a portal to leadership”.
  • Endorse the strategy and are able to further develop and implement the FNL strategy. One of the important tasks is to particularly increase diversity and inclusion within the FNL and further develop the FNL from a one-time activity with post-programming to a house of permanent education and insights in sustainable leadership.

Who are we looking for:

  • An entrepreneurial, warm, and approachable personality.
  • Someone with a heart for the FNL. You have previously participated in an FNL trail/program and have preferably attended one or more FNL events in recent years.
  • Actively employed, not in the coaching/consulting sector to avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Have the qualities to inspire, lead, and set strategy.
  • Visionary and decisive.
  • A connector: you know how to bridge the gap between diverse stakeholders.
  • Pragmatic: you roll up your sleeves, it’s more than a traditional managerial role.
  • Have board experience.
  • Have an extensive network that can also be leveraged for fundraising, which we want to expand.
  • Have time and flexibility: you have the time to regularly consult with the MD, the board, the Supervisory Board, and to attend events and act ad hoc where necessary.

Appointment Term

The appointment term is 4 years, with a one-time extension of 4 years.

Application Process

If you are interested, we warmly invite you to send a CV and a motivation letter to We would like to receive these by June 28.

There will be 2 selection rounds in which interviews will be conducted with members of the board, the MD, and members of the Supervisory Board. These interviews will take place from July 5 onwards.

We look forward to your responses!

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