Year Program Natural Leadership 1st group

Start date21 september 2023
End date7 June 2024

In the day-to-day hectic, we often allow ourselves little time and attention to reflect on our personal leadership and professional development. Peace and space are essential to arrive at illuminating answers.

A leadership program anchored in time and nature. Your own hero’s journey in the rhythm of the seasons.

Check out of your daily busy existence for 24 hours each season. We start on Thursday afternoon and end on Friday at the end of the afternoon.



21 & 22 September 2023

23 & 24 November 2023

7 & 8 March 2024

6 & 7 June 2024

During one year you will lay a foundation for your own development. An ideal program to further deepen and integrate what you have learned in a previous trail into your life. Or as a first introduction to leadership development in nature.

Experience consciously the symbolism and personal meaning of the seasons, autumn, winter, spring and summer. Together in a place close to nature.

  • Easier to make choices that really matter
  • Learning to move with the rhythm of the seasons
  • Each season deepening your own personal development
  • Inspiration from the group and nature
  • Your own journey of the hero in the rhythm of the seasons
  • The year program take place in nature at Erfgoed Bossem (near Lattrop- Breklenkamp)

It’s about unlocking your natural leadership and potential. We use “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell and work forms that are physically, mentally and emotionally supportive. Based on your own questions you will go through your personal development journey in line with the seasons. You will also be given practical tools to keep your development alive in the hectic daily routine. The anniversaries take place in nature at Erfgoed Bossem (near Lattrop- Breklenkamp).

Focus on your own development and still go out together. By sharing our experiences and getting involved we inspire each other. This is supportive and makes it fun.

Read here the experience of a one-time participant.

Date, place and costs

Start date21 September 2023
Costs€ 2.750 ex. 21% VAT and ex. food and accommodation costs

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