Friends of the FNL Foundation 

To celebrate FNL’s 20th anniversary, the initiative arose to establish the Foundation Friends of the FNL. 

The Foundation Friends of the FNL supports (future) leaders who do not have sufficient resources of their own to participate in the FNL’s leadership programs. Promoting inclusiveness and diversity is central to this. By participating in our programs, they can create (even more) impact for a more sustainable world. 

As a participant of one of the FNL programs, you support directly the Foundation Friends of the FNL. Part of your FNL program fee automatically goes to the Foundation Friends of the FNL. You support the participation of a (future) leader and you become a Friend of the Foundation Friends of the FNL. Via an annual contribution you will remain a Friend of the Foundation. The Foundation also receives donations.

On May 30 the Foundation Friends of the FNL was registered at the Chamber of Commerce. Currently, an application is pending with the tax authorities to obtain ANBI status. The advantage of obtaining ANBI status is that the gift of a donor to a Foundation with ANBI status is deductible for income or corporate tax.  Also, an ANBI does not have to pay inheritance or gift tax for inheritances and gifts that the Foundation uses for public benefit.

There is a positive expectation that the Friends of FNL Foundation will obtain this ANBI status.

If you would like to be considered for support to participate in a FNL program or if you would like to become a Friend or donate, please contact


The policy plan defines the purpose of the Foundation Friends of the FNL:

  1. To provide support to organizations, individuals, (legal) persons, and/or projects, at home and abroad, which, however, have in common that they promote the development of a new paradigm in leadership and organization, aimed at ecological sustainability – of our planet and the evolution of humanity. Interconnectedness is a key concept in this new paradigm. It involves: 
    1. connectedness between people;
    2. connectedness between people and nature;
    3. connectedness with our deepest sources of creativity; and
    4. connection to our awareness of and responsibility for the planet on which we live. 
  2. to manage the money, which is acquired by the Foundation for Natural Leadership, registered in the Trade Register under number 34251706 (trading under the name Foundation for Natural Leadership, or ‘FNL’) for idealistic purposes for the benefit of people and nature, and to provide it to suitable individuals, (legal) persons, and/or organizations, all in the public interest, and furthermore everything in the broadest sense of the word that is related to, belongs to and/or may be conducive to the above.

The aim of the Foundation is not to make a profit.

Outline Policy Plan

In order to fulfill the above objective, the Board of the Foundation Friends of FNL, in consultation with the FNL Board, will look annually at the budget and how many individuals or organizations the Foundation can support. The possible candidates and/or organizations can apply through the website, in addition, through the network of the FNL and by the Board will actively look for candidates.

All individuals, regardless of gender and background, who meet the conditions of the eligible programs and/or projects and who, due to the nature and remuneration of their work or due to circumstances, are unable to bear all or part of the costs associated with participation can in principle be considered for a contribution. 

For the application, the board considers, among other things:

  • The background both personal and professional
  • The current activities 
  • The ability to translate the impact of the trail/program into practice in line with the goals of the Foundation
  • The motivation
  • The (im)possibilities to contribute financially through work or privately. If necessary, the board – in consultation – can ask for written information about this.

The beneficiary is expected to make a short report of 1 to 2 A4 in which the experiences are shared. Hereby we ask attention for:

  • The experience gained
  • The expected impact on their leadership
  • The experience of the process of participating through the Foundation Friends of FNL
  • Possibly a testimonial of a few lines, anonymous or not, which we can place on a website of the FNL or Foundation of Friends of the FNL.


Income of the Foundation Friends of FNL consists mainly of contributions from the Foundation for Natural Leadership, from donations (one-time or periodically committed).  In most cases, these donations come from (former) participants, (former) directors and friends of the FNL. Asset management is not an issue, as incoming donations are in principle paid out (in line with ANBI conditions) except for a small reserve for expenses and emergencies. 


The Foundation Friends of the FNL supports participation of individuals in programs (including trails and workshops) of the FNL or concrete projects of the FNL that directly or indirectly contribute to our objective.

The Foundation does not engage in sponsorships or endowments whose purpose is to support a particular organization each year. In principle, a donation is one-time, but can be repeated. 

Before making a donation to an individual or project or program, as much information as possible is first sought to ensure that the support will be well targeted and effective.

The Board of the Foundation

The board of the Friends of FNL Foundation consists of the following three members:

Johan Bontje (Chairman)

Self-employed as a coach and management consultant, formerly Partner Boer&Croon. Wrote a number of books, some published abroad, on entrepreneurship, strategy and leadership. Works mainly in business and the not-for-profit sector such as broadcasting and healthcare. He has been involved in setting up and developing the Foundation for Natural Leadership from its inception in 2004 in various roles. Johan is a father of one son. His sources of inspiration are people, nature, silence and awareness, and sports (running and cycling). ‘Essential connection gives me joy’.

Hans Visser (Treasurer)

Hans was born in South Africa where his fascination with the country and its nature got its foundation. For the past 40 years, he has worked at various banks in commercial positions. In 2019, he went on a trail to Botswana with FNL. A fantastic experience to have been on the trail in that unique area. He finds it special to be able to put his experience with finance at the disposal of FNL and the Friends of FNL Foundation.

Erna ter Weele (Secretary)

Erna gets warm again and again to ignite a spark in people that can ignite into a beautiful big fire of significance, visible to a far distance, just like the evenings at the campfire in the bush, under the stars. Where everyone can speak his or her own truth, there is room for the other sound and taboos are able to be discussed. Erna ter Weele has a background in business services and is engaged in leadership and organisational development from the conviction that organisations grow when people grow.

Remuneration policy

The board receives no compensation for its work.

No paid staff is employed.

An activity report 

There is currently no activity report given the stage of establishment.

Financial accountability 

At this time, given the stage of establishment, there is no financial accounting available.

RSIN number

The RSIN or tax number of the Friends of FNL Foundation is 863993916.

Contact details

Foundation Friends of FNL

p/a Maaslandlaan 96, 6004 GG Weert


Telephone: +31 6 27013127

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