About Africa

The heart of this four-month programme is a one-week trail through the African wilderness with a group of five to eight participants. This natural trail is not merely a cross-country journey. It is an emotional and spiritual journey. You’ll leave behind the distractions of modern life: family and colleagues, work schedules, communication devices. Every day you’ll hike through untamed countryside, following the local guide but making your own path in life. 

You and your fellow participants will have plenty of opportunity to discuss the major issues we face in today’s world. To share experiences. To open your heart, mind and will. You’ll sleep by the campfire, under the stars, taking turns with the others to keep watch for wild animals. It will be a life-changing experience.

FNL facilitators
All our facilitators, most of whom are professional coaches, are former participants. Their role is to arrange the composition of the groups, prepare well in advance their own group for the trail, support the group as a whole and as individuals during the trail itself, and help integrate everyone’s insights and learning experiences afterwards.

Local guides
During the trail, local guides from the Wilderness Leadership School in Durban play an important role. They are trained not only in safety and tracking but also in connecting with Nature and showing us what Nature can teach us about being better leaders.

Upcoming Africa programmes


Location Date Facilitator More info
Imfolozi, South Africa 13 Apr - 22 Apr 2018 Suzanne Bontje Facilitator View programme
Imfolozi, South Africa 18 May - 27 May 2018 Boy van Droffelaar Facilitator Organization View programme
Imfolozi, South Africa 1 Jun - 10 Jun 2018 Bastiaan en Sandra facilitator View programme
Imfolozi, South Africa 22 Jun - 1 Jul 2018 Karin Oeseburg facilitator View programme
Imfolozi, South Africa 21 Sep - 30 Sep 2018 Wim Plaizier facilitator View programme
Okavango, Botswana 18 May - 26 May 2018 Erna ter Weele facilitator View programme
Okavango, Botswana 25 May - 2 Jun 2018 Johan Bontje facilitator View programme
Okavango, Botswana 21 Sep - 29 Sep 2018 Gerdien Gesink View programme
Rwanda 14 Oct - 22 Oct 2018 Jan Willem Loman Facilitator Bestuur View programme