About Europe

In Europe we follow the same four-month programme as in Africa. The natural trail, which is located in a beautiful and remote setting, is condensed to five days, with groups of between five and eight participants.    

The trail takes you on a journey through the European countryside, where there are no distractions of modern life: family and colleagues, work schedules and communication devices are left behind. Every day you’ll hike between five and seven hours, following the guide as a group but making your own journey through life. 

You and your fellow participants will have plenty of opportunity to discuss the major issues we face in today’s world. To share experiences. To open your heart, mind and will. You’ll sleep under the stars, if weather permits, or in basic mountain cabins. You’ll also be expected to experience a ‘solo night’, when you’ll spend the night in solitary and silence.  It will be a truly memorable experience.

FNL facilitators
All our facilitators, most of whom are professional coaches, are former participants. Their role is to arrange the composition of the groups, prepare well in advance their own group for the natural trail, support the group as a whole and as individuals during the trail itself, and help integrate everyone’s insights and learning experiences afterwards.

Upcoming Europe programmes


Location Date Facilitator More info
Alps, Europe 3 Jun - 7 Jun 2020 Esther Koning en Be van Lotringen facilitator View programme
Alps, Europe 10 Jun - 14 Jun 2020 Jasper Folmer Facilitator View programme
Alps, Europe 24 Jun - 28 Jun 2020 Herman en Michiel facilitators View programme
Alps, Europe 26 Aug - 30 Aug 2020 Bastiaan Muler facilitator View programme
Alps, Europe 23 Sep - 27 Sep 2020 Esther en Fleur facilitator View programme
Spain, Europe 24 Jun - 28 Jun 2020 Robbert Jansen en Edmond Offner facilitator nieuw View programme
Spain, Europe 16 Sep - 20 Sep 2020 Marius en Klaas Jan facilitators View programme
Spain, Europe 23 Sep - 27 Sep 2020 SAM 1831 View programme
Spain, Europe 18 Nov - 22 Nov 2020 Geert Graveland facilitator View programme
Italy, Europe 15 Apr - 19 Apr 2020 Esther Koning facilitator.jpg View programme
Italy, Europe 22 Apr - 26 Apr 2020 Laura Ozinga facilitator View programme
Italy, Europe 20 May - 24 May 2020 Jasper Folmer Facilitator View programme
Italy, Europe 27 May - 31 May 2020 Maarten van der Schaaf facilitator 2 View programme
Italy, Europe 3 Jun - 7 Jun 2020 Sandra Cor facilitators View programme
Norway 10 May - 16 May 2020 Kasper en Arjan facilitators 2 View programme
Norway 16 Aug - 22 Aug 2020 Eelco Dubbeling facilitator View programme
Norway 3 Oct - 9 Oct 2020 Karin Oeseburg 1 facilitator View programme